Geometry teaches the same thing as the book but does it better.
I think she had every proof and problem we were looking for.”

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Welcome to Tutor in a Book's Geometry.

What's Inside the Cover:  A creative, visual presentation of geometry designed to maximize student learning and retention.

All concepts are explained in simple, clear, teen-tested terms combined with helpful illustrations, and then demonstrated with the right, fully worked out, proofs and problems.

The author knows which questions tend to show up repeatedly on exams and standardized tests and demonstrates and explains how to solve those problems.

The author knows which concepts tend to confuse students and gives special attention to those topics using time proven explanations and illustrations.

The book is well organized and fully indexed and includes more than five hundred fully illustrated proofs and problems with clear, step-by-step explanations.

Students who can do a problem once they've seen it done will find this book especially useful.

With Tutor in a Book's Geometry, the student will:
  • Learn the special techniques, the A+tips and tricks that private tutors teach their students.

  • Learn how to do the kinds of problems that show up repeatedly on exams and standardized tests.

  • Learn the predictable patterns of proofs that make proofs doable.

  • Learn memory hints that will help the student retain the special vocabulary and symbols that are fundamental parts of geometry.

Long time geometry teacher and tutor Jo Greig packed 288 pages with every explanation, every drawing, every hint, every memory tool, examples of the right problems, and every bit of enthusiasm that good tutors impart to their private tutoring students.

Students will learn solution strategies and study from graphic organizers that help the student apply geometric principles correctly.

Tutor in a Book's Geometry is the work of a thoroughly experienced, professional tutor who cares about her students and about their success in geometry.

Exercises are included to help reinforce new concepts and to help the student learn by doing. Solutions to exercises include all steps and additional helpful hints and illustrations in the book's nearly 50 page answer section.

Space is provided for students to do their work. This allows them to compile a lasting record of how they solved particular types of problems. Reviewing their own successful work is an excellent way for students to prepare for tests.


Time-tested examination strategies are included to help students succeed on quizzes, exams, and the many geometry problems on college aptitude tests.

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