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Geometry levels the playing field between kids who have tutors and kids who don't.”

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Tutor in a Book's Geometry includes the drawings, hints, memory tools, examples of the right problems and every bit of enthusiasm that good tutors impart to their private tutoring students.

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From the author's foreword: I have tutored students in mathematics for more than 30 years. A good tutor can help a struggling student pass a class that the student might otherwise fail. A good tutor can help a strong student do much better in a class than he or she might otherwise do. I have written this book with the hope of giving all students the advantage of having a good tutor.


Employment Opportunity:  Are you a teacher and tutor with a degree in mathematics and a very effective way of teaching your subject? Send us a resume including a writing sample. We are looking to add to our collection of mathematics titles. You must be able to demonstrate that your students excel on state and/or national examinations.  

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