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Geometry levels the playing field between kids who have tutors and kids who don’t.”

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How Tutor in a Book's Geometry Helps Students:

The Right Content. Topics are aligned to current geometry courses and textbooks. Coverage is thorough and includes traditional topics as well as similar solid and geometric probability problems and the Law of Cosines, all of which are included in many newer textbooks.

The Right Illustrations. Textbooks illustrate theorems with sketches of the related proof. Geometry, with its emphasis on teaching, supplements the introduction and explanation of each theorem with illustrations of both the given and the conclusion.   

Experience has shown that illustrations help students understand and remember what it is that each theorem is stating. The proof is then done, complete with step-by- step explanations and additional helpful illustrations.

The Right Proofs and Problems Are Done. The author knows which material is considered to be important by most test developers. Proofs and problems that show up repeatedly on exams are included, solved and noted as Exam Questions.

The Right Solution Strategies. What to look for, keys to solving and patterns in proofs and problems are pointed out to the student.

The Right Questions Are Answered. Hearing the same questions year after year, the author presents and answers those questions, using time-tested methods of explanation that connect with the student in a personal and effective way.

The Right Results — Improved understanding and retention increase confidence and encourage the student to:

     Pay attention and not tune out in class.

     Attempt and complete class work which, in turn, further increases understanding.

    Attempt and complete homework assignments, which further improves understanding as well as the student's grade.

    Study harder for exams because when effort is rewarded with good grades, effort increases.

The Right Algebra Review. For the student who struggled in algebra, clear examples of how to set up and balance each type of algebraic equation are included and explained.

The Right Algebra Support. As each new geometry topic is introduced, the related algebra equations are presented, explained and solved. Seeing the right equation created and properly solved helps the student to develop sound problem-solving techniques.

The Right Test-Taking Strategies and Tips. Many proofs and problems are predictable. Geometry teaches the student how to recognize patterns in proofs and how to make the right mathematical connections in problems.

The Right Study Guides. Related information is gathered together and presented in graphic organizers which research has shown improve both understanding and short and long term retention.

The Right Help Whenever and as Often as the Student Needs It.  Even if a student has a tutor, the tutor isn't always available. However, Tutor in a Book's Geometry, is always there to assist and support the student.


Geometry will be a reliable and reassuring resource for the student throughout the school year, and again when the student prepares for college achievement tests as a senior.

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