Geometry includes all of
the explanations, knowledge, tips and tricks, gathered over many years of successful tutoring."

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Testimonials for Geometry

What people have said about Jo Greig and Tutor in a Book's Geometry:

"Ms. Greig is an awesome geometry tutor."

"This book was a goldmine of information. She had every problem that we needed. She does the easy stuff and she does the hard stuff. The author really delivers the goods."

"This book was just what it says, a tutor in a book."

"My daughter is a visual learner so we really appreciated the graphics. The textbook was confusing because it gives these long drawn out wordy explanations for everything.

"I really liked the memory hints and the logic drawings of the theorems. My teacher didn't ever give us any and it was really hard to remember so many things."

"This is a well written book that helps a student understand and remember how geometry works."

"My son's teacher wasn't teaching and we could not have made it through the school year without Ms. Greig."

"The attitude of the author stands out. Clearly she wants the student to be successful and she knows how to help."

"The whole idea of proofs was a complete mystery until we got the book. It really helped. Thank you."

"The way the author explains things just makes sense to my son. I'm sure my son's teacher is very smart, but my son can't understand him."

"Textbooks assume that students understand things and don't explain. This book is different. It explains and in a way you can understand."

"I used the charts in the book to study from and my friends wanted copies so everyone was using them to get ready for tests."

"The author obviously knows exactly those details that kids usually mess up on and she explains them in a clear straightforward way. I think we found examples of every problem we were looking for."

"It not only had the problems I couldn't understand, it showed me how to do them so I could do them the next time."

Our Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with Tutor in a Book's Geometry, you may send it back for a full refund. We only ask that the book be returned in new condition in its original shipping package within 30 days of ordering. Your money will be cheerfully refunded.


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